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Facilitation and stakeholder engagement


In this fast moving, complex world, creating spaces where everyone present can voice their knowledge, concerns and ideas is ever important as we co-create the future.  Always keen to explore innovative ways to engage stakeholders and ensure vioces are heard, we offer a range of facilitation from createing safe spaces for discussion in small groups, to facilitating larger events that bring stakeholders together - from 6 to 6,000!


We believe we can learn a lot from bringing together employees, community partners, customers, local residents, and other relevant stakeholders and engaging in conversations about issues that matter to them.


We use a variety of facilitation methods, taking inspiration from Open Space, World Cafe, Dynamic Facilitation and the Work That Reconnects.




“Kirsti is a great facilitator. Her natural and confident communication style puts groups at ease and keeps them highly engaged.”      Nigel Rayment, LSIS Associate

Wimbleball lake inspire and strength workshop_cropped World Cafe Facilitation skills

Examples of this work

  • Strategy development (XYZ College all staff event)

  • Conference evening networking event (400 participants)

  • University intra-departmental collaborative research opportunity exploration

  • University inter-department sharing of research

  • Multi-stakeholder shared issue exploration (Brexit)